World Anger Day: 7 Best Ways To Deal With Anger

World Anger Day: 7 Best Ways To Deal With Anger

You have seen many days like Mother’s day, Father’s day, Friendship day…but what is this World Anger Day?

On this day: World Anger Day, you are advised to control your anger and stay calm. People get angry on various occasions, like being in traffic for a long time, working for long time, people speaking rubbish/gossiping, bossy people….and the list goes on and on. You get irritated, frustrated with all these and just want peace and feel free from all those which irritates you… Right????

Anger is a strong feeling of annoyance, displeasure, or hostility. It is a natural emotion experienced by every human and even animal. Anger triggers an increase in heart rate, blood pressure and levels of adrenaline and noradrenaline.

Sometimes you get irritated with things which you don’t like and people do the same which make you express some emotion known as anger. It is good to take out your anger but it may be dangerous when you go extreme. You may get ‘Verbal’ sometimes, but when you start abusing ‘unconsciously’ you may lose the person whom you are expressing it and later being ‘Sorry’ is of no use.

So better avoid such things and instead of speaking at that time, you can speak when you are cool, just to avoid things getting worse. He/she, in extreme situations, may express his/her anger through physical attack to opposition, which is very dangerous.

Better to remain silent when you lose your cool. There are many ways to control your anger. Here are 7 Best Ways To Deal With Anger:

  1. Avoid the situation and person which/who make you angry: It’s very important that you avoid the person who make(de) you angry. If you stay in front of him/her, he/she may make you get more irritated and the same matter may even get worse. So better avoid the person.
    In some cases, it may be difficult to avoid the person, so better change the topic/matter which is making you angry.
  2. Divert yourself and engage in some other activity: Move out from the person, place or thing which is upsetting you and making you angry. Divert your mind. Do some work that will make you busy and which doesn’t make you think of it. Play games on you computer or mobile.
  3. Go to the place which makes you feel happy: Get out of it immediately of the place and go out feel fresh air, have fresh food which will make you happy.
  4. Speak to people whom you like or make you happy, think positive: Speak to people who support, encourage you; make you feel positive and happy. Speak to a person who listen to you, speak out everything so that you will feel lighter, may be the person may advise you something or say something which will make you smile or happy.
  5. Write book/dairy and write whatever you feel, and in full speed: Write diaries. Write everything which had made you upset. Even in book, if you want to abuse or use swear words, use it (if you are scared that someone may read it, use code language. And if you don’t know that, tear the sheet after you finish writing) and write this in full speed, by this you can show your anger by writing it out.
  6. Meditate/Exercise: Go for a walk – feel the fresh air, exercise, meditate in a peaceful place (park, prayer hall, room). OR Write you favourite god’s name as many times as possible in a sheet of paper, by this, again, you can get rid of showing anger on any living being without harming.
  7. Last but not the least, but this is advisable only when you are cool (after you come back to normal) speak directly to the person who made you angry and ask him/her not to repeat the same as it upsets or irritates you. This will lighten your heart.

Being inhuman never helps. Being patient and facing the situation by playing smart may save you from the dreaded disease anger (short-temper). I mentioned dreaded because it may harm you or even your opposition, and may even go to the extent of killing. It is not only now on ‘world anger day’ that you got to be free from anger, but it’s always that you should be happy and control anger at any cost.

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