Wanna Buy Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Here Is What You Should Know… – MSP3 Review

The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is a Surface-series ultrabook/tablet, produced by Microsoft. It is shipped running the 64-bit version of Windows 8.1 Pro.

The Surface Pro 3 models were released in the US and Canada on June 20, 2014.The Surface Pro 3 was launched in 25 additional markets (India not included) on August 28. Pricing starts at $800 (core-i3 model) and ends at $1950 (core-i7 model 512GB version).

Configuration (Full) Tested:

Core i5-4300U 1.90 GHz (Turbo Boost upto 2.5GHz), 256 GB SSD, 8 GB RAM, Intel HD4400 Graphics (1792 MB – approx. video memory), 2160*1440 Resolution (Display), Realtek HD audio speakers, 5MP front and rear (both) 1080p video recording capable, Type cover (keyboard), Ports-mini display port, one USB 3.0 port, 64 GB microSD card (not included with the product-addon), Surface Pen.



  • Best Display (QHD resolution) in the tablet market (only after Samsung Galaxy Tab S)
  • Full blown OS (Windows 8.1) support
  • Actual Programs (not light weight apps) running smoothly
  • Wireless 802.11ac support (not yet useful in countries like India)
  • Wireless Display (widi/Miracast) support
  • USB 3.0 Port availability for easy access of external storage
  • microSD slot for easy upgradable storage
  • Good Kickstand (forlapability)
  • Surface Pen productivity


  • Very expensive (I bought this for CDN$1350+CDN$175 (tax) + CDN$150 (type cover) which converts to around INR 1,00,000)
  • Very poor quality cameras (without AF)
  • Poor built quality type cover only
  • Heavy programs/Processor intensive heats up the device quickly

Full Blown Review:

Firstly, its both a tablet and a Ultrabook (better to say best of both worlds hybrid) device. Touch is very responsive. But, when you need to type something, you surely need type cover, otherwise the touch keyboard frame will eat up half the display.

Let’s talk about type cover first. The keys are well built, the trackpad is good and most importantly it is lightweight and thin. The only problem with the type cover is its overall built quality is bad, it gets dirty soon. It should have been magnetic (for what it costs), but it is unfortunately not so!

The actual MSP3 (Microsoft Surface Pro 3) without the keyboard (type cover) is where it shines the most. It has the full blown Ultrabook hardware yet it is sleek, lightweight, and stylish in every way.

It runs on full Windows 8.1 Pro OS which has a greatest lineup of programs (since it is backwards compatible). For example Adobe CC (Creative Cloud) collection runs flawlessly on the device let alone Microsoft’s Office 2013/365 software. With the Surface Pen, it is even better, where touch has input in-capabilities (like mouse hover option it fills in that gap. The only problem with Surface Pen is it needs a AAAA (quad-A) battery to be used which is very difficult to find in local stores (have to pay atleast 5 times the actual price of the battery).

When it comes to gaming MSP3 is a real star (compared to Ultrabooks). I have installed and played games like Child of light, Rayman Legends, Burnout Paradise (medium settings) at Full Resolution (QHD)  and it ran very well with xbox 360 wireless controller attached. Really enjoyed the racing game Burnout Paradise on controller. Imagine a gaming machine on the go that’s what MSP3 has achieved in this department. I don’t know why Microsoft doesn’t highlight this prime fact.

Battery life is pretty good when compared in the perspective of a tablet. Video quality is crystal clear with its Quad-HD display in stake. Music quality (speaker quality) is very clear. When it comes to Bluetooth pairing, it is top-notch. It pairs very well with my Bose AE2W wireless headphones.

Storage is vast (when compared to high end tablets) with additional expandable memory at bay. With USB 3.0 Port, you can connect a vast array of external devices directly to MSP3 (whether it is external hard disk, printer or even you can recharge your iPad or mobile device).


Final words, Microsoft Surface Pro 3 is very fine high end hybrid device whether you are a student, entrepreneur, businessmen, medical personnel or a software developer – it surely is your favorite go-to device.


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