Top 5 Most Rated Freelancer Websites

Here is the list of top 5 most rated freelancing websites based on the popularity, crowd, ease of use and other terms and conditions.


Craigslist is among the top most ranked freelancing website. It was first created for buying and selling locally before it evolved to freelancing. It is a location based website where a freelancer is limited to a certain locality of work.

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Craigslist has the ability to put jobs in categories ranging from business, finance and marketing, web design, media and more. This can therefore make it easy to find a job for your best skills and work comfortably from home.

While dealing with craigslist it is difficult to know whether the job needs physical appearance or is it required to be completed online. Also it might limit the job options available and it is time consuming when searching for the appropriate job the freelancer is limited to a certain location


Fiverr is the best freelancing website according to the latest ratings. It is new in the online jobs market but it has gained a lot of popularity in the freelancing industry.

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Fiverr offers a wider range of work to choose from, the categories including advertising, programming and technology, writing and translation, editing and proofreading and many more. This wide variety of jobs makes it the best among the freelancing sites.

The only setback associated with fiverr is that for new freelancers, it will take quite a long period to establish strong relationships with client.


It is a site where small business makes their freelance dreams come true by posting jobs in freelancer. It is the top most freelancing website to make money online. It offers about 10 million projects posted.

Freelancer has an app that has made it even easier to search for jobs and complete them in time. It makes connectivity easier and hence a platform to best communicates with clients.

It offers online writing jobs in a variety of categories like mobile phones and computing, web design and software’s, writing and contest and more. It also has contests posted by clients and this allows for competition among the writers and also sharpens their skills


Upwork also falls among the top five lists of the best freelancing sites. It gives the freelancer that much needed freedom to work at home. Upwork possess a simple interface to use and makes it easy to navigate website and the mobile application.

It offers a variety of jobs where an individual has the freedom to choose among them. It enables one to create a profile that can also act as a portfolio and also a provision for submitting proposals.

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The only drawback associated with Upwork is the change in there fee structures. Initially it was 10% but at the moment is 20% until when Clients is willing to pay more than $500 is when the fee goes back to 10%.

Upwork as compared to other freelancing websites has a much earning potential


Ifreelance enables an individual to find work online. The job categories range from architectural design, web design, photography and marketing. There are two main ways to obtain work in ifreelance.

One of the ways is by bidding on the jobs posted by the clients and the second way is by advertising the services you possess on the website so that potential clients can contact you.

While in Ifreelance you are allowed to keep all your 100% profit.

The only drawback when using ifreelance is that it is not free to join but rather you need to pay a membership fee by purchasing their membership plans.

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