Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Get Married?

Marriage – The word says it all! This being one of the beautiful and critical stages in any person’s life, it’s very important to marry a right person. And if you marry the right person, it’s very important to value each others’ thoughts.

When you get this right person – you are in Heaven and you stay happy ever after… Your fairytale starts with marriage.

Staying single may have many advantages, but getting married does have many pros. Here are 10 good reasons why you should consider marrying:

1. You Are Getting Old:

One of the silliest reasons you can say, but most of them have this in mind. Your family and friends start calling and asking you, when you are getting married? They say, you are getting old and it’s high time you should get married, else you won’t get bride/groom! You get annoyed by listening to this piece of S*** everyday.

2. Society:

How can you forget the most influential non-living object that’s having a great impact on everyone’s life now-social networking sites? Your friends start posting their memorable pictures with their partner and their kids on Facebook! Every day you see some or the other notification, and think “GOSH! When will I put up my pictures like this?”

Exactly, there are few people on this earth who, to change or update their status on SNS from single-relationship-love-married, and even sharing pictures, get married! Funny right? But this is true!

3. Lifetime Partner:

You have someone as your partner with you for your complete lifetime. He or she stays with you in your thick and thin of life.

4. Sharing:

This is one thing which makes you happy. You share things with your partner – be it happiness or your sad moments.

5. A Special Someone:

You have someone special to say, share…. You need not worry that you are single and no one with you to watch a movie or go out together for lunch or dinner. You say proudly, that this man loves you, and he is someone special in your life, you have been waiting for.

6. Commitment:

Well, all know that marriage is a promise and a commitment, where you stay with your better half for life long. Getting committed to a person you love is not a crime, in fact you feel happier.

7. Licensed Sex:

Ah!! Tradtition… Yes, how well have live-in relationships have worked? Society does not consider this even now. Marriage is a tradition followed by our ancestors. With marriage having sex is legal! You are safe.

8. Your Own:

Now you can call ‘that beautiful lady is mine, she is my wife’ – Legally. Don’t you feel good when your husband says this to you? This wouldn’t have been possible when you were single.

9. Your Family:

You can now proudly say that this is my FAMILY. “Your wifey, hubby or children”, doesn’t this sound good? You live, love, earn, and take responsibilities for them. Sometimes, these responsibilities are good! Isn’t it?

10. Live Longer:

Did you know that married people live longer and healthier than singles? Yes, according to the study, married couples experience lower levels of heart disease, cancers, flu, Alzheimer’s, depression and stress.

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