Top 10 Best Lessons You Should Teach Your Kids

Parents are the first teacher of their child. As children have started to grow up, these are every parent’s duty is to look out on which particular subjects they are interested. Do not fulfill your wish by pressurized your child.

Teach lessons to your child theoretical, practical and as well as moral with moral skill also. There are various ways to teach your child- it can be –tell them a story with moral view points, spend more time with your child, create a friendly relation with them, making them a friend, read them story books and encourage them to read, engage them in some creative activities.

So, at first, way to teach your child is to understand them properly and theoretically develop their mind.

Spending time with your child is most important things to lessons your child. Like-

  1. Keep a time for at least dinner and do something that the time is memorable and precious for the child.
  2. Make some time and notice his/her talent. May be his or her talent is on music, sports, drawing; help them to grow up with that talent.
  3. Help him/her to make an academic task or some extracurricular activities.
  4. Play with your child. Keep on your mind that as parents you are also a friend of your child. So try kidding with them as well.
  5. Listen to what your child wants to tell you.

Except for this theoretical lesson, you have to teach them some practical teachings also

Ask them to help you to prepare a meal, or you can encourage him/her to help you for some wash work or it can be planting a seed, or gift wrapping job, involve them to this practical jobs also.

Apart from these lessons you need to guide your children with moral teachings also. Here are top 10 lessons for your children –

    1. It is necessary to tell your child what you are.
      Don’t tell them about physic or what you’re thinking about yourself. The age between 8-10 years is the age for growing up their mind, in this particular time, they can easily catch your language and your way of taking and keep careful about that.
    2. Don’t say anything negative way about yourself as well as your child.
      As a human being, no one is perfect. But we can try for best to be perfect. So always be positive and help them to think positive also.

Some More:

  1. Teach them to learn more.
    Life is full of adventure, and there are many ups and downs will come in our life. All human being learn with their own experience so lesson them as a journey of life.
  2. Friendship is one of the most important things in life.
    Show your bond of friendship in front of your child and help them to make more friends.
  3. Teach them to respect all of the elder people.
    It is important to respect, and being lovable with all of the human being.
  4. Lesson them to be polite.
    Offer them to do some work and encourage them to that they did excellent work. Appreciate your kid’s work and tell them that you are thankful.
  5. Charity is the best way to showcase your character.
    Teach them to share or donate.
  6. When your child is in problem.
    Help them to rescue from that trouble and teach them on how to solve the problem on his /own also.
  7. Teach them to be that courageous.
    Grow them with full of determination and hope.
  8. Every man is learning a lesson every day.
    Teach your child that every day you learn something in a new way and fresh.

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