Review: Naan Ee – A Beautiful Love-Fairy Tale

Review: Naan ee… A Beautiful Love-Fairy Tale – Watch it for HOUSEFLY (ee)

Naan ee (Tamil version of Eega-Telugu), directed by SS Rajamouli and starring Sudeep, Samantha and Nani, is a beautiful love-fairy tale.

The movie started with a (father) daddy telling a girl a story…this reminded me of my dad, who, with great difficulty, was cooking up a bed time story to tell me.

Sudeep is too good in the movie as a villain. Nani, though, has a short role, will definitely impress the audience with his charming acts of impressing his love, Samantha. Samantha looks beautiful, though she is given a very simple role. Sudeep kills Nani for Samantha, but Nani takes re-birth as ee (housefly).

The way Housefly is created in the movie is wonderful. It doesn’t look artificial in any way. You will love the way, how from the start ee (housefly) overcomes difficulty and finds to communicate with his love. The expressions of the housefly (animation/graphics) depicted is just more than awesome and even a kid can understand it. TOTAL ENTERTAINMENT. It should have been a 3D movie to enjoy to the core.

Total family entertainment. Not only elders but kids too will love the movie. Watch it for “HOUSEFLY”.

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