Relationship Goals: Why Sex Is Important For A Happy Marriage?

Wedding is important part of person’s life. The person’s life after wedding completely changes, but how his or her life changes are important. For a happy marriage, the first and most important thing for the couple is to understand each other.

In arranged marriage, the couple take time to get adjusted, but in love marriage, everything goes on in super speed, as they know each other really well. And the next important thing for a happy marriage is the bond the couple share.

Doing everything together, might show that the couple share a good bond, but that bond becomes stronger only when you share intimacy. The physical connection between the couple, not only make the couple physically and mentally strong, it creates a sense of happiness, which is very important in these stressful and busy lives.

Many couple get intimate just because they are forced to have babies and the romance between them vanishes after the baby arrives. This shouldn’t happen. Maintaining the intimacy also matters for happy marriage.

The couple who talk openly about sex (in a right way, at right time also matters) and share jokes will also be happy as this will make their connection strong (they shouldn’t feel shy in sharing such things).


Last but not least, girls should understand that sex is a way that their man gets connected. Men love fantasies and for them sex is celebration. Ignoring it might make them insecure. Also, their ego might get hurt and there are chances of losing him. So don’t let your man go!


Boys! Go a little slow. You must understand that girls like it gentle! They love romance, and passion. And remember don’t make her wait long as she might feel you are ignoring her, your attention might have got shifted to other girl, well… you know… women think a lot…so she might have all negative thoughts and you might lose her.

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