PK Movie Review: First half crap; post interval, definitely not at all a wrong ‘movie’ number!

PK Movie Review

The movie shows the relationship between man-God-God man-Alien. How man blindly believes God man, especially when he is in trouble, he is ready to agree whatever the person says! Yes, this is what is happening in this world now and is shown in the movie too. A lot of preachy words, but it is worth it.

Aamir Khan, enters as Alien to the earth, is called by people as Pk, as none understands what he says or does. During his meet, he comes across Sanjay Dutt, who becomes his bro and helps him to go to Delhi to reach his goal. Here he meets Anushka Sharma, who has her own broken story (heart breaking) with Sushanth Singh Rajput, and also promises to help him meet his goal. What is this goal has to be seen in the big screen.

First half is all about PK and his PJs (poor jokes), thought they had logic behind – Like putting God’s poster on cheeks, so that people won’t hit him, which PK says as Security! Another part has Anushka-Sushant’s love story, which doesn’t have any logic. Hindu meets Muslim, and they fall in love! How?

This is shown in just one song. Yes, this is what, that made me say that it is crap. Without songs, the movie would have had reduced running time, which of course would have been good, as I felt the songs weren’t so catchy.

Second half of the movie is all about how PK justifies people are scared of things and they fall in a ditch (go to God man and spend lot of money to meet God/Peace); telling about religion, etc etc… and how Anushka helps him meet Aamir’s goal.

Performance by every actor is uncomment‘able’ – as all have done justice to their role. Though Aamir looks a little over acting, it is required-as per the character needs! From Anushka, Sushant, Sanjay, Boman Irani , Saurabh Shukla and Parikshit Sahni.

Songs are not so catchy; placement of songs in the first half seems forced. Cinematography is good (though most of the scenes seem to have been shot on the sets). We can see lot of similarities between this movie and Akshay Kumar’s Oh My God!

Overall, if you want any good, preachy, moral and entertaining film – as said, this is not a wrong number (movie) (you will get to know why I said this as not a wrong number/movie…).

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  • the entire subject is scrap, it is ridiculous to think or even imagine that an alien would learn language, know about gods and goddesses, religion etc and leave alone learning he even preaches which is very very hard to digest and above all the actors are all over acting and it is better if Anushka sticks to being around the cricket grounds rather than think of acting……..worse is aamir over doing every aspect of it and then tries to justify it……… is sheer scrap and waste of money and time…..

  • the movie is based on ‘The man who fell to earth’ which was released in 1976 and also based on ‘Brother from another Planet’ which was released in 1984 and our film makers claim it was their original idea, just like the makers of Oh my god claimed that it was an original when one only needs to see the “the man who sued god’ to nail their lies………..

  • I seldom watch movies, may be 1-2 hindi movies a year. My sis pleaded me to go along. I am a very harsh critic when it comes to movies. My favorite critic being Masand who went on to say that the 2nd half of PK was slow & what not. I personally believe there haven’t been a single God-man movie to match the neutrality of this movie – unbaised. I would easily give it 5/5 as I don’t fathom anybody else making a movie on such a bizare subject with such a beautiful story telling & such a humor. Young, old, children, all have liked it. Best of luck to India’s brave film makers 🙂

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