Paulo Coelho’s Adultery Book Review – Not As Gripping As The Alchemist

What would someone expect from International bestselling author of The Alchemist Paulo Coelho – Another wonderful book – but this book disappointed me. This is the story of a crazy woman, who is in search of Peace, Love or Passion, Adventure or Thrill… , and commits “Adultery”!!

Paulo Coelho‘s Adultery, will remind you of EL James’s Fifty shades of Grey and Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl because of the little adult content here and there, and also due to the crazy characters in the novel.

Paulo Coelho’s Adultery
Paulo Coelho’s Adultery

The story is of a woman Linda who though is happy with her rich financier husband, two lovely children and her journalism career, feels that something is lacking in her life. She feels there is something that is missing in her life because of monotonous boring daily routine. Her life changes when she comes across her childhood love, who is a Politian and a family man!

Linda is stressed out or depressed unnecessarily. She feels she is married and have children – and that’s it, life is over! She keeps on thinking the same and feels more and more stressed, and have sleepless nights. She comes across each and every individual, who are involved with her life in one or the other way, is stressed. This makes her more agitated. She tries to come out of it by doing yoga, by taking advice from her husband, who loves her a lot. She also comes across a Shaman, who partially helps her come out of this stressful condition, but nothing works permanently; and finally she does what she likes, and this makes her take wrong step – commits Adultery!

Narrated in a very simple language, this novel has too many dragging scenes (imaginations of Linda or it may even links to other short stories). These may seem interesting and link your daily life; you may even think, “Yeh, this is what I was thinking, I am in the same situation”; Like how this phrase caught my eye – “Not everyone needs to feel happy all the times. Besides no one can be happy all the time. Need to deal with reality of life.”

The novel/story is lacking grip or I can say it is too preachy. The author just wants to convey “Life is not a long vacation, but a constant learning process”, “Lesson is learning love”… and elaborated the whole story around Linda!

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