Never say NO to TRY..because every dog has a day

Never say NO to TRY..because every dog has a day 🙂

Naina was in her school. She was fun-loving, jovial, more than family she was giving importance to her friends. In fact, she was a bit extra in all the way, extra caring, extra understanding…. She was running behind her friends. She felt when she was with them she was complete. Whenever there was any function in her school, she was present there. Whatever it may be, what she wanted was, to just be with her friends and enjoy.

She was just average in her studies. A sensitive girl, who just loved to be loved. She never wanted any to speak against her. Positive words, she never heard any speaking on her; but negative words on her was just banned in her life, she didn’t want to do anything negative or hear about anything negative, be it about herself or others.

People speak from behind. She didn’t know the world. Where there is positive, definitely there would be something negative. No doubt, her friends loved her. But at the same time she was just an average student; many parents would not love to have their daughter or son to be very close to just an average kid. Not only parents even some teachers don’t like such kids.

She was dull in Mathematics, and her mathematics teacher was a strict female, and even lazy 🙂 . She made students solve Maths, rather teaching them, and when Naina wanted to solve a theorem, she said, “you may not know this, better you see others solving it.”

But later she never gave up, she irritated the teacher by raising her hands to solve the problem, whenever the teacher asked. Finally she allowed to solve and once she unknowingly questioned the same teacher on a problem and the teacher couldn’t solve the same and said she will let her know the answer.

When she got cent percent score in the subject, the same teacher questioned, “how could you do that?” Naina just replied by smiling. No… its not revenge. She was too young to take revenge and even know the meaning of the word “revenge”. Things just happened, but never had she failed to try.

Once she had promised her friends to meet in the stadium where Republic day function was held every year. She was the first person among her friends to attend it. Years passed and School days were gone, now she was into college, though she wasn’t in touch with many she just wanted to meet them, so like every year she went to stadium, just to meet her pals, as she had promised. She didn’t find them, since she had time left after the function and found none around, and also desperate to meet her friends, she went to one of her friends place.

Her friend had exam the next day. Friend’s mom just wanted to shoo away the gal from her home. So she said, “she has exams and she got to study” (indirectly not to disturb). Which hurt her a bit, but what hurt her more was, she heard from someone that her friend’s mom said something bad about her. She had said that, “Naina is just average student, she doesn’t have work, she just roam around, may be no one at her home ask regarding this.”

This was it, she stopped going to her friend’s place and even she stopped going to any school day function which she was attending from many years, just to meet her friends. She was totally hurt and you know what… she tried and studied hard, in such a way that she topped in the college during her graduation. Then, when she had to visit the same friend’s place, thought she didn’t want to, she was welcomed by her friend’s mother and she couldn’t believe her ears, she was being praised in front of her friend.

This was just a small example. Life isn’t has more to learn and you just need to learn things from each stage of your life and go on. Knowingly or unknowingly you will be the winner. Never say no to try, at least try, your try won’t go waste, you just need to wait for the right time to arrive and then world is yours and there is even a saying “every dogs has a day”… Isn’t it????

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