Never Let Your Love Go

Never Let Your Love Go

This is a story of a girl (Meera) who had a crush on a person (Aakash). But that person never gave a damn to her. When she told her friends about the crush, her friends teased her. She wasn’t in love for sure, but she was just staring at a person whom she liked. Somehow one of her friend got to know his name and other details, and she didn’t  know what to do with those details.

Every time fate bought them face-to-face. She didn’t know what to do, when she saw him, but just smiled and left the place. He was very reserved type of person, but handsome and he never smiled to any, but to her.

When she heard these sort of comments, she blushed, thought she was a bit scared since these type of matters would spread around like a fire. Meera was very shy but strong willed person. She didn’t speak with any, but whenever she spoke, she spoke on face.

Unfortunately, Meera didn’t see Akash for a long time and she couldn’t even ask any too (as they would tease). Thought he isn’t anything to her, she just felt like seeing him. She came to know that his place in office was changed and to her surprise it was near to her seat. Now she was very happy that she could see him always.

Somehow, she had to speak to him, as he was also shifted to her department. The day he spoke to her, all her friends stared and smiled naughtily. She came to one of her friend and fell on her saying “hold me I am gonna fall”.

It was Meera’s special day that Aakash surprised her by decorating her bay and kept a rose on her table. As soon as she entered her bay, she was very much surprised and happy to see her place decorated. She asked all, who did but none answered. And finally Aakash revealed that it was him. She just said Thanks… And now she came to know that he was also interested and noticed her.

It was Valentine’s Day and everyone asked her, if she was waiting for someone special, as they were teasing all in the same way. Of course she was waiting but she said no. That day she came to know that Aakash had a girlfriend before, but she is no more in his life, because of some misunderstandings.

Days passed and after a month of V-day, he proposed Meera and she couldn’t believe. She said it isn’t possible since their family was against love marriages, thought they were of same caste, her sub-caste was different, and they wouldn’t allow that as their family was very orthodox.

Aakash tried to convince a lot but she didn’t listen. Later, day by day she also started loving him unknowingly and she finally agreed, but told him to ask her dad’s permission.

To her surprise he spoke with her dad. Meera’s dad was very understanding, he loved her daughter very much and like all dad’s want to, he also wanted his daughter to be happy. He just said Aakash to ask his parents’ permission and come back to them.

Meera pressurised Aakash to ask his parents and he promised he would ask when he will go to his hometown. Months passed she kept distance with Aaskash just to avoid more nearness as she somewhere felt that it wouldn’t happen and the other reason was she didn’t want to hurt herself.

Aakash went to his home and he came back completely changed. He didn’t chat with her, mail, or even speak to her. She was very disappointed and couldn’t bare this.

When she felt that things were going out of reach  and she was hurt by his silence, she went to him, pulled his collared shirt and asked him the reason. He didn’t speak again. She gave him time and asked him to say if anything went wrong from her side.

After few days, he came back to her saying his parents didn’t agree and he can’t marry her. Since he couldn’t face her, he didn’t speak to her. And he also told her that his parents had selected a girl for him and he has to marry her. Meera was totally surprised with this, when she came to know about his marriage.

She asked him, “why did you convince me to fall for you, when you can’t fight for me?” He again had a long silence, which she couldn’t bare. She was thinking that if he had to marry some other then did he really love her?  Why did he leave her alone and go? Meera had no answers but questions left behind.

Meera was shattered and couldn’t control tears. She went home, hugged her dad and narrated the story which Aakash told. Meera’s dad very patiently handled the situation. He just said Meera to relax.

She didn’t go to office for few days, because she wanted to come out of it. Later Aakash called her up, she didn’t pick his call. She went to office, he came to her and showed the photo of his would-be wife and said sorry. She just nodded, smiled and said “Congrats”, though she was hurt.

If she loved, why did Meera let him go. When asked she said, “it’s because he and his family would live happily and so I let them go.”

Who is right here? Meera or Aakash?

Love isn’t hurting, when you love, commit for the love and give respect. Never hurt someone’s feelings. Girl had to sacrifice for the boy’s happiness. And boy had to sacrifice his love for his parents.

Both are hurt.., what’s the use of love that hurts. Always give love never hurt any, be it your partner or your family, all are important, tackle the situation in such a way that both aren’t left hurt.  NEVER LET YOUR LOVE GO…That’s LOVE. Isn’t it?

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  • మీ స్టోరీ చాలా బాగుంది… ఇది వాస్తవిక పాత్ర ఆధారంగా రచించబడినదా.. లేక కల్పిత పాత్రల ఆధారంగా రచించబడినదా.. దయచేసి తెలుపగలరు.

    • Thanks a lot for your like. This is partly real and partly imaginary..

      • అంటే మా తెలుగు సినిమాల్లో చూపించే విధంగా అన్నమాట… హా..హా..హా.. బావుంది.. బావుంది..!!

      • నిజమే లెండి… జరిగింది జరిగినట్లుగా చూపిస్తే.. అది సినిమా ఎందుకు అవుతుంది.. ఏ క్రైమ్ స్టోరీనో.. లేక నేరాలు ఘోరాలు వంటి టివి షో మాదిరిగానో ఉంటుంది. ఏమంటారు..?

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