How To Make Money From Instagram

It was considered extravagant when Facebook bought Instagram when it was only 18 months old for $1 billion. Now Instagram has more users than Facebook or Twitter with 700 million users and 75 million on the site each day. The recent addition of Instagram Stories where users can upload short videos for only 24 hours has only increased the sites appeal to small organizations and freelancers. So how can you take advantage of your Instagram account to start making serious money?

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The first thing you need to do obviously to gain more followers which is not that hard. The thing is you still want to maintain your own original brand in the process of trying to gain followers and not try and imitate. This will pay off because most sponsoring brands expect that you have loyal followers and they will only remain so if you remain true to your brand. There are some ways you can attract followers and still maintain a professional feel to your account.

  • Include all the relevant and right information in your bio. Your bio should include contact information, where you are from and what your account is about. You could also add keywords and hashtags that will make it easier for the kind of followers you want to find you. Something like Fashion Blogger from L.A. with interest in photography. Business enquiry:
  • Interact with your followers. Comment and like images constantly and take time engage with your followers individually. If you are visible it means that more people will check out your account and join your loyal army of followers.
  • Post interesting and quality images. You want to be posting several images a day but not all at once incase you look like a bot. If you can’t do quantity go for quality and post few images but high quality. Use the Short stories feature to make interesting videos that also boost traffic to your account.
  • Use relevant hashtags. For your content to travel through the congested internet you need to put the proper hashtag on it. Look up hashtags that are likely to get hits on the subject you are posting and include them in your posts.

Now that you have the followers how do you make money?

Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. When you are an affiliate marketer you are paid to refer products to your followers and if they purchase the product you get a commission from the company. The company uses a referral link or promo code to track your referrals. Instagram does not allow you to add links to your posts so promo codes are the best option. You can only use referral links in your bio or stories. Some of the companies you can work for here are:

  • Ebates: Refer people who want discounts or just love deals and earn your commission
  • Sharesale: Get companies to work with, sign up to affiliate market for them and once you are approved start promoting.
  • Stylinity: This is mostly for fashion bloggers, you get a commission when people shop using your link

The OOTD (Outfit Of the Day) made it particularly easy for fashion bloggers since your followers can use you affiliate link to check out your full outfit details.

Sell your photos and designs

Since Instagram is mainly about sharing visual content it makes it a perfect forum for graphic designers and photographers to showcase their work and hopefully sell them. If you are a photographer you can list them on Twenty20 and 500px and use hashtags on Instagram to direct people to your work. Instagram can also put you in contact with potential clients for your work.

Become an influencer

If you stick to your niche and remain original you may become an influencer in that particular niche and brands will pay you to interact with your followers through you. You charge a fee for them to get access to your highly targeted audience and you are in money.

Sell your account

You have built your account with a larger number of followers and you can or do not want to manage it anymore. There are several sites like FameSwap and Viral Accounts where you can sell your account easily and you make a fair amount of money selling it.

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