Love You Dad

Love You Dad

Father’s day is nearing and I just can’t think of better gift than this. A small dedication to my dad, hope he likes this.

Yes! Father is no less than a mother, he is more responsible person in the family. He does play a very important role in our life. It is said that “A mother’s love is patient and forgiving when all others are forsaking, it never fails or falters, even though the heart is breaking”.

Fathers… lack patience and when you’re wrong, he scolds you, but then that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you. He loves you more than any, he allows you to discover your own way to rectify your mistakes. A strong willed person, and hence he is your strength.

He is daughter’s best friend, her first love. Mother’s are very emotional and they agree for whatever you ask for, but daddy’s never want you to go in a wrong way and though he knows that you are right just to test you, if you are in a right path, he will arrest you with questions and when you pass in those, he is confident enough that you win in the situation, and then he will let you go.

When I am confused and don’t know how to handle the situation, I will just go to dad and tell him everything. He will just ask me what I want to do and allows me to do that (if I am right). He just says “Go ahead”.

When mom and brother fights with me, and no one around to support me, he will always come to rescue me (even thought I am wrong, and doesn’t want me to get hurt) and he will take my side. He is my dada… I love you dad.

When I am happy and sad, the first person whom I share with is my daddy. When I am happy, and I do any good work, he encourages me to do so. He always wants to see me happy. And when I am sad and unhappy or upset, he shall console me and advises me. He is my energy booster. He is my best papa.

In critical situation, when he is not around and I need his help, I shall just think of him and wish he could be around to help me out. The thinking of him alone will boosts me and make me strong enough to face the situation.

Thank You papa, you are the best and I can’t think more to write (can’t express in words)…. Love you loads.  Be there for me, forever.

Yours Loving Daughter

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