Do You Know Why Durga Puja Is Incomplete Without The Soil Collected From Outside A Prostitutes’ Home?

Durga idol is made during Durga Puja and it is incomplete without the soil collected from outside a prostitutes’ home. Do you know the reason?

There are many reasons stated for the above question. Apparently, Goddess Durga idol is made with ‘punya mati’ or blessed soil – which is – cow dung and cow urine, mud from the banks of Ganges and a handful of soil from the ‘nishiddho pallis’ or forbidden territories.

                                                            (Image source: Trekearth)

Reasons 1: It is considered as ‘Purest Soil’: According to believers, it is said that, when a man enters a prostitute’s house, he leaves his trueness and his purity behind and thus, the soil outside the prostitute’s house is considered purest.

Reason 2: During the fight between Mahishasura and Durga maa, Mahishasura tried to molest Maa Durga, who prevented it with her powers and emerged victorious. This is why the brothel’s soil is treated as a respect for women who have been humiliated and looked down by society.

                                                                   (Image Source: Flickr)

Reason 3: It is also said that mud outside brothel’s home is taken to purge the prostitutes of their sins. While taking the soil, the priests chant a mantra and this unburden their souls.

The priests who make the idol will have to go to the brothel’s house and beg for the mud. The priest has to chant mantras.

Also, during these 10 days, the prostitutes are treated well and they are welcomed to every Durga pandal. People from all sections are also welcomed to worship the Goddess.

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