How To Overcome Laziness?

What is Laziness ?

Laziness occurs when one is unwilling to spend energy or do a task that he or she perceives to be uncomfortable or difficult. By their very nature, humans are lazy because they want to have the best in life without getting tired. Most people want to lie down and relax rather than involve themselves in arduous activities.

It is also true that many people are not motivated to do anything unless it affects their survival indirectly or directly. With technological advancements, the problem of laziness has significantly increased. For example, many people want to do most of their interactions with friends and customers online rather than physically.

How and why Laziness exists/happens ?

Being lazy does not imply that people are intrinsically lazy. Most people are lazy because they have not determined what they want to do in life. Others may be lazy because they are not doing what they want to do because of one or a few reasons.

Another factor that contributes to laziness is the fact that one’s job may have become so specialized and abstract that it is no longer possible to grasp the real purpose of the job. In this case, doing the same job repeatedly becomes monotonous and contributes to a lack of motivation.

For instance, a builder may not understand why he has built so many houses for people yet he owns none.

Many people do not bother about the significance of their job and this makes them lazy. Fear and hopelessness also contribute to laziness. Some people lack the self-esteem they need to succeed. They end up being lazy because they think they cannot manage success if they achieve it.

How to overcome Laziness ?

Overcoming laziness requires one to acknowledge that it is a personal problem. People must be ready to change whenever they hear others say they are lazy. Overcoming laziness starts with accepting that it is a problem to oneself and others. It also requires one to have a plan of fighting the problem.

Tips on overcoming Laziness ?

The first thing that a lazy person needs to do is have a vision of what he or she wants to achieve. One should set the goals he or she wants to accomplish. This can guide the steps to take in overcoming laziness.

Second, it is important to take a rest, exercise, and have sufficient sleep. No person should let his or her job drain all the energy. The body requires fresh air and exercise.

Third, it is imperative to take a break from big tasks or break them down into smaller tasks. This can help deal with the problem of being too exhausted and used to the same jobs.

Another tip that can help overcome laziness is engaging in activities that are motivating. For instance, if one is a social person but his job does not provide opportunities to interact, he can interact socially after work. This can make his life more complete.

Finally, it is important to think about the benefits of not being lazy and begin dealing with the problem.

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  • Very Nice article, Thanks for sharing, this really helped a lot my friend , keep up the good work, my friend is very lazy guy , he donot attends lectures because of his laziness, he sleeps almost 12 hrs a day , i have shared this post to my my friend. Keep it up buddy

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