How To Overcome Depression

Depression is a mood or mental disorder that causes servers symptoms of loss of interest, a feeling of sadness and low mood. It is a persistent problem not just a passing one that affects how a person handles the daily activities like working and how you feel. In order to be diagnosed with depression a person has to have shown these symptoms for a period of not less than two weeks.

Why depression?

Depression is as a result of complex combination of factors that may not be drawn from one source thus not fully understood by many. Risk of attack by depression on different people vary depending on several factors like people’s personality, childhood trauma, genetic factors, life events and abuse of recreational drugs. Due to these factors some become higher risk to depression than others.

In addition other factors that may cause depression include environmental factors, psychological and social factors, genetical factors and biological factors. People with less successful coping strategies and first degree relatives of depressed patients are at a higher risk of depression attack than others.

Depression symptoms

There are several signs and symptoms associated with depression and these may include reduced interest in previously enjoyed activities and being in a depressed mood. Apart from these, a person may experience fatigue or loss of energy and psychomotor agitation.

Other people may experience either an excessive sleep or difficulty in sleeping as well as unintentional weight loss. Finally other signs that may be characterized with this attack are having a feeling of being unworthy and worsened ability to think.

How to overcome?

Depression can be overcome since it is a treatable mental illness. The management components of depression are categorized into three main groups which includes; sharing practical solutions to depression and factors causing it as well as an awareness on its effect to family members.

Secondly, use of drugs to moderate servers depression and the final way is to carry out psychotherapies.

Tips to overcome depression

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  1. There are several ways to overcome the effects of depression discussed above. Let’s look at a few.
  2. Engaging yourself in reading favorite books and novels.
  3. Writing a journal to engage your thoughts in solution making.
  4. Make new friends and associate with people.
  5. Exposing your body to sunlight especially during winter.
  6. Drinking a lot of water to hydrate the body.
  7. Appreciate your personal achievements.
  8. Set your goals and work on strategies to achieve them to engage your mind.
  9. Have a deep sleep to eliminate stressful thoughts.
  10. Do a lot of exercise to activate your body.
  11. Withdraw all grudges held to other people.

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