How To Give-Up The Temptation Of Shopping, This Festive Season

Festival seasons brings in a lot of offers. We recently gave you a few tips that help you from overspending from shopping. But what if the person has already shopped and spent so much that they want to avoid shopping.

These tips might help you…

1. Uninstall shopping apps
If you have shopping apps on your mobile, you tend to look into offers, which might tempt you to shop. So uninstall. If you don’t want to uninstall, then hide them in a folder in other window of your mobile, so that you don’t notice them every time you unlock or check your mobile.

2.Unsubscribe from the notification
Unsubscribe from the notifications from  all shopping sites. This way you will be unaware Of the deal that’s exclusively for you.

                                                         (Image Source: Flickr)

3. If you can’t do both, then go ahead and add the items you like in the baskets or wish list and wait. After some time or days, you yourself will forget that you had added items in your shopping bag.

4. Do not carry credit or debit cards or more money when you go for shopping, when you know you tend to shop more and can’t resist when you find good deals.

                                                                 (Image Source: Care2)

5. Do not link your cards to the shopping apps
Because this will make you easy buy. A few people are lazy to enter the card number and might think of shopping later.

6. Remember that it’s okay if you don’t shop!

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