Friends – God’s Gift, A Treasure

Friends – God’s Gift, A Treasure, Crazy..

Friends – Who are they? They are the one who support you when none is there around. This is what strikes on my mind, when I think of friendship. Friends – A gift from god, a treasure.

You can live without any, but friends? No way! They are the one, who make you happy and smile when everything around goes wrong.  No matter how serious life is, you just need people with whom you can be crazy and those people are Friends.

Whom do you think when you are sad or happy? None, but the closest person of yours and that’s friend. You can’t share everything with anybody, and sometimes not even with your family, but you can share anything and everything, every stupid thing in fact, with your friends.

They are there to listen to you, when you want them to. Even when they are not in mood to listen and they are busy with something else, they make it a point to listen, at least nod their head and pretend that they are listening to you.

They scold you, they kick your ass off, tease you, but they are the first person to come out and help you. When you are all dull and you don’t know what to do, and you get a friend’s call and you don’t speak properly, they shall catch you in seconds and try to make you happy.

There is a saying, “A friend is someone who can see the truth and pain in you even when you are fooling everyone else (unknown),” and that’s very true. You can never fool a friend. When you are alone they are your shadow, when you cry they give their shoulder.

When they are angry and they say not to speak, but you keep irritating them by speaking, just to make them happy and diverted. You speak all non-sense to make them smile, but in vain. They scold you and you leave the place disappointed and upset. Wait for some time and then see, they (your friend) themselves will come to your place and they start doing things what you did to them (start irritating you, trying to convince). This is friendship…

They never see your status, they accept you how you are. The smallest mistakes of yours will make them sad, and though they are angry on you, they forget and speak to you without any grudge. And even the small thing you do to them for their happiness will make them happy.

You don’t call them on their special day, they shall be angry and they will call themselves, remind you the special day and make you wish them. This is funny but this is friendship. You remember them on the special day, just a wish of yours will make them so happy. They expect nothing much than this.

Sometimes when you go beyond limits (in good ways) and make them happy, see the happiness you see on their face. You will be happier than her/him.

Who told a girl and a boy can’t be friends? They can be. Many girls have many friends – Boys (being close to boys doesn’t mean you are flirt and love all, of course you love all, but as a friend).

Sometimes when a girl is closer to a boy, the boy himself may get doubt on you, but it’s up to you to handle things and make him understand. Society will always think in a wrong way in such case and again you got to change their minds or never give damn to society. Your friend is important and they are the one who come to you when you are in a critical condition not stupid society which thinks in a wrong way.

Though friends like you as you are even, and they shall be there for you when you do wrong, they shall advice you always to be and do good, they never want you to go or be wrong and never allow you to do so. There is a saying “Making thousands friends is not a big deal, making one good friend is worth.” You know what I say, “Make thousands and millions of friends – Good or bad, the deal is making Bad Friends Good.”

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