English Vinglish – Review

English Vinglish – Review – Come, Fall In Love With Sridevi Again

English Vinglish is a  comedy-drama film. It is directed by Gauri Shinde and produced by R Balki.

It’s all about a women/mother (Shasi-Sridevi), who is housewife and earns some money by making and selling sweet snacks (laddu). She can’t speak English and she is always underestimated by her own family when she tries to speak in broken English. The kind of respect she gets from her husband, from her daughter makes her feel low.

Shasi leaves for New York to attend her sister’s daughter’s wedding all alone to help her sister. During her journey through flight she meets Amitabh Bachchan (guest appearance) who accompanies her. While in New York, she secretly enrolls herself into a conversational English class.

There she meets few of them who gets close to her. Shashi’s niece (Priya Anand) helps her in all way when she gets to know about her English learning classes. During her classes, a soft-spoken French chef (one of the student of English learning class) named Laurent (Mehdi Nebbou, who has acted in Hollywood film Body of lies) gets attracted to her plain simple personality. What happens next should be seen onscreen.

It is a message oriented movie where it gives message to the society that women are not just to cook (make ladoos), taking care of family and their needs. Women can do anything to make their family love and respect, provided they get some time and encouragement. This movie for sure will make you love and respect your “Mother”.

English Vinglish is definitely a comeback movie of Sridevi Kapoor. She had played the role wonderfully. Her innocent, simple, homely looks in the movie will attract you once again. Everyone in the movie has managed to play their role fantastically. Not to forget, the kid Shivansh Kotia (Sagar), son of Sridevi (Shasi) in the movie, is too good. His acting especially, comic timing, his expressions are fantabulous.

Music is average. Locations are good.

The movie is a simple and sweet story and a complete family entertainer. No rubbish, nothing irrelevant, complete clean movie. Watch it for Sridevi and sweet kid Shivansh Kotia. And watch it with your MOM.

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