Corporate World isn’t so easy: Play it safe

First JOB?

Corporate World isn’t so easy: Play it safe

First job… immediately after your graduation, you somehow struggle and get into a job and you would be so much excited to work in the new place, around new people. You will think it’s just another place, after school or college and you can handle it easily.

If you think so…NO it’s not so easy to handle things at work. You have entered a corporate world and it’s completely different from the other places.

You need to be very careful in what you do, speak, the way you look (formal), everything…here. You are completely new to this world. But that doesn’t mean you should be scared of new things around. Definitely you will find friend, in corporate world, you call them as colleagues.

Even they are of two types: Good friends/colleagues, who are your well-wishers; and bad friends, who act as your friends but aren’t they compete with you in a very nice way (which you can never feel, unless you get into some situation…) – I call them so. You must be thinking what’s this good and bad in friends, bad friends must be enemies…no they aren’t your enemies, and they are your bad friends, when you read you will come to know.

Good Friends are those who will never compete and always think of your good, in other words, they will help you when required. They will be with you whenever you want to, they advise you, and they are your well-wishers. You must be thinking this quality will be in your other school or college friends too.

But mind it that this is a corporate world and there would be competitors around. There would be many Professional competitors, who won’t see your good, they just do their work and go. And at this point of time these friends are of utmost important.

Bad Friends, this sounds funny right.. .’Bad friends’! But this isn’t so funny. This is the most dangerous type of friendship, where you got to be very careful in each and every move. You can’t even predict them (enemies always will be bad, bad friends are those, who are good but also bad to you-this is the difference).

They are soooo very good to you that they extract things from you, speak good about you to you, but the fact is, they extract things just to know what you are up to, or what others are up to, and go back to others and speak rubbish. A cold war…!! They will be so clever. Believe enemies but not bad friends.

Never trust any. When you have some doubt on a person that he/she is not trustworthy, never speak to them regarding any issue, whatever it may be. And never trust those who always keep blaming on other and say he/she isn’t good. Be yourself and never try to judge people.

You never know when people will change, judging may also be wrong sometimes. Don’t expect support from any, they may support you in front of your colleagues, but in front of your managers they will be mum, because they don’t want to be noted (especially during increment time), and it isn’t wrong in a way because its only you who can save yourself and you should be ready to face things and accept/oppose things, in your own risk, be independent, no one will come to your rescue (if they, then you are the most luckiest person to have such colleagues/friends).

Play it always safe.

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