Confused Love….!

Confused Love Life….

Do you have a girlfriend/boyfriend is one question which haunts you in teenage. May be this is just a small question for some, but when you say NO and it is then you feel bad when they say “Oh you don’t have…being in that place you don’t have gf/bf…!!” May be this is also fine at times.

But when they start telling about their gf/bf and they keep on narrating stories about they being together..etc..Then you feel “GOD, Why don’t I have gf/bf. What the hell on this earth am I doing without enjoying life,” don’t you??

Now you are confused!! Yes, this happens with all, who don’t have gf/bf, and when people or friends around you are couples. Many people go for a temporary partner, but few want to be together life long, and few others it’s a matter of family and they don’t want to hurt parents’ sentiments or girl’s/boy’s life, and hence they don’t get involved in such relations. Those who are restricted to have partners/lovers; thought they want someone special, they don’t want too.


So, where the confusion lies? Why don’t they get into such relation when they really want to? This is because again friends and family. Now, the question is why friends and families are they responsible?

People who have partners they are so much involved that they don’t even see around. In fact they don’t look around, they don’t have time for friends, they don’t even think of you when they speak to their partners that what the person opposite would feel who don’t have partners.

They are in their own world, also thinking that the person opposite (you) won’t feel bad or they won’t mind (of course why should they mind they have their own life).

Though it shouldn’t hurt, sometimes when things go far, you do feel at some point of time that you should have also had one. When your friend say that they had been out with their partner and his/her partner shopped things. You do feel that if you had partner, someone who would care for you and only you, would have been good.

And at times you do feel, at some point of time that you don’t want many but one and only one who just wants, loves and cares for you. So this is when your friends say well about their partners.

At the same time, when you look into family, you would feel good that you don’t have any. Because it’s difficult for your family to accept a boy/girl who is from different community/cast (those who want to have permanent GF/BF). You don’t want to fall into such situations where you have to choose your partner/family.

In other words, you don’t want to risk. You don’t want to get restricted and want to be independent. When your friends say it’s difficult to handle things, when they have partners, it makes you think that it would be difficult and you may end up thinking that it’s good that you don’t have commitments. They even think of each other’s sentiments and land up thinking that it’s a sin hurting any human being on earth; they think of others (which is in a way good) and land up not having partner. Is this right?


One who want temporary partner in other words, a flirt can do whatever he/she wants to. They can roam around they spend money like water but they enjoy life. They don’t think of girl’s or boy’s sentiments, they just want to have fun. And in some cases, both boy and girl mutually agree to separate, if their family doesn’t agree.

Is this right to hurt someone’s sentiment? Can anyone love a person and marry someone else, that too being with that person together for long time? Or is it right to have fun and leave?

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