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How To Answer Most Common And Difficult Interview Questions

Here are the five toughest questions and tips for preparing the best answers.
It’s almost mandatory for every Job seeker to come across with such questions after landing on the big interview. The Interview is elimination and candidate measuring process where in the interviewer throws such hard hitting questions at us.

We all should be ready to answer them cleverly and reasonably. Here are such questions.

1. What is your biggest weakness?
This question is to admit the interviewee of their weakness, which justifies their being shown the door. Never draw negative attention to yourself by stating a weakness that would lead an employer to think you are not the best person for the job. “The focus of your interview should be on your strengths.

2. What salary do you think you deserve?
The looser is the one who mentions it on one go. One should wait for the employer to give a range and when it does ask you for a figure you expect to be making, choose a salary that is higher than the median they provide. Help yourself with doing a little research using tools and resources on what you can realistically expect.

3. Why should I hire you?
To answer to this question, browse through your resume and look through it for the things that make you outstanding. May be qualities or skill set which focus on your work ability, leadership, like “I am hard worker”; “I am a good team player”. Also it adds more value if you could demonstrate a track record of results.

4. What didn’t you like about your last job?
When an Employer asks this question, he will be expecting you to answer your weakness in an attempt to eliminate you. So instead of giving such stupid answers think about answering in an interesting way, like “my previous job was not full of challenges”, “I am looking into more challenging and highly responsible skills full jobs and roles”.

5. Where do you see yourself in three to five years?
The worst and common answer given by most of the people was “I have no idea”.

Try a response like “I’ve done a lot of self-assessment, and what I’ve learned about myself is that I want to make a commitment to this career and I want to build my career here.”

Again it all depends on the situation and vary from person to person. So be open and responsible and give a best of you for a great success. Best of Luck.

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