Calling Holy Spirit and asking the future!

Calling Holy Spirit and asking the future!

Do you believe in Holy spirits? If yes, then this would be an interesting piece of story. But DO NOT TRY this.

We were in school and one of our friends introduced to this game – The game of Holy Spirit. Do you call this a Game! I am not sure though!

School days, the days we enjoy the most and try out new and exciting things; be it funny, dangerous (risky)…

Calling Holy Spirit and asking the future: We made a square/rectangle box (chalk, on the ground), made 3 circles/square in the middle of the box (if I remember). In the centre, we kept a cup (inverted), and either side of cup, ie., towards left and right, wrote as YES and NO. Surrounding rectangle/square we wrote alphabets A-Z and below those, we wrote numbers 0-9.

Rough Sketch

(RECALLING)  Three of us (friends) kept our index finger on the inverted cup (lightly) and called Holy Spirit (“holy spirit please come”). And surprisingly when we asked questions the cups would move. We asked questions like: What is our birth date (just to test if it says right).

After getting confirmed, we asked it: What’s our future partner’s name? When will I get married? etc… The cup would run near the alphabets (indicate partner’s name) and also numbers (dates). It is also said that if unholy spirit arrives and it does go it would be disastrous. careful!!!!!

This game sounds funny, but still if you believe in holy spirits, you may feel that it would come true. I just remember playing this. But how much it is true or does this game of predicting future exists – not sure!

Any one has tried this? If so do let me know..Curiosity to know if it’s true or not….

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  • hamm….. even I played this game in my school days at the time of night studies (boys only)… some scared and some laughed.. but its all about your believe in that age.. 🙂

  • it is the Oyja board. played. got hooked. eventually lost interest

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