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EA Sport’s FIFA is one of the most successful video games on the planet. Last year FIFA 17 sold 1.1 million copies in its first week alone. Keeping a yearly franchise is hard enough but considering these expectations EA Sports definitely have more than their share of pressure.

EA Sports have managed to make tweaks and additions to the game each year making a more realistic and fluid game year after year.

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Last year had probably the biggest change in recent editions of FIFA with the switch to Frostbite engine to give the game a very noticeable facelift. This year EA Sports have finally managed to fine-tune the Frostbite engines and the quirks with player behavior and faces have been sorted out.


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FIFA 18 offers the best game of football you can have on a console. The matches have become noticeably slower enabling the player to be more thoughtful and considered. Physical strength plays an important role as it should in stopping fast strikers like Ahmed Musa and Marcus Rashford who terrorized defenses in FIFA 17.

It is easier now for defenders like Chiellini or Cahill who do not have speed to use their bodies to stop opponents who would have easily blitzed by them towards goal in FIFA 17. A third tackle was also introduced which enables you to deal with attacking pressure. The third tackle is a middle ground between a standing challenge and a sliding tackle. This lowers the threat of resorting to a sliding challenge and being exposed and a weak standing challenge.

Combined with the less crisp short passes and extra power needed to complete the back and forth passes in the modern game EA Sports is giving the gamer a chance to undertake a more complex style of play.

The smarter AI works hard to make realistic contribution to the match amplifying this gamer centered approach. FIFA 18 rectifies the mistakes with the FIFA 17 computer controlled defense which only considered individual player movements and not the team as a whole. This left spaces in the middle and a tight, packed defense when attacking the ball.

FIFA 18 employs a more forward attacking approach. Your team coordinates support and the AI’s smarter movement creates and fills spaces with more regularity. Players can make sharper diagonal runs or jostle to lose their marker or move to the sides if the midfield is packed, which is a big problem in the current FIFA.

EA wants the gamer to play with an identity. FIFA 18 introduced motion captured superstars to replicate the individual playing styles that make the world’s greatest players great.


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The biggest obvious graphics change is the new lighting system. It gives the game an extra sauce of realism not present in 17. In a sun soaked South America stadium or a night time Champions League game in Europe the stadiums feel more alive.  The fans in each venue feel unique and different. Fans in Argentina wave banners and flags and throw confetti onto the pitch and it stays on the pitch. In a demo game Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid, fans piled down and run to Griezeman after he scored a 90th minute goal.

The Journey

The journey which first appeared on FIFA 17 is back. Now in the single player campaign you can customize Alex’s clothes and hair and now has the option to move abroad.

Release dates

FIFA 18 will be launching on 29th September 2017 for PS4, PS3, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

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