10 Reasons Why Younger Generation Do Not Want To Get Married?

These days many do not believe in the institution of marriage. They marry either because of society, or just because elders force them to get married.

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Although people want love and do not want to be lonely, they chose live-in relationship and keep marriage as their last priority.

Here are reasons why younger generation refuse to get married:

1. Compatibility issue
Many individuals feel that they won’t get adjusted to each other. Especially, when it comes to arrange marriage, the boy and girl take a long time to adjust to each other’s habit (it may be their eating or sleeping habits?).

2. Commitment
Marriage is a big deal for them! They feel they can’t get committed to the single guy or girl they marry.

3. Finance
Marriage involves lot of investments. As soon as people get married they start planning to have their own house, vehicle and even plan for kids- their education, securing their lives, etc…

4. Responsibilities
The men feel a lot of pressure. Although women work and share the load of daily expenses, men feel it is them who has to take care of his wife n children. Huge responsibility here!!

5. Career
They feel their career is gone once they get married. Especially girls, they might not be able to continue their work due to responsibilities and family pressure.

6. Independence
Marriage means independence is totally gone. If either of them suggest something, they feel they are interfering in their lives. They can’t hang around with friends, can’t shop, can’t talk to male/female friends, etc etc.

7. Bad past
They or their friends might have had a bitter relationship in the past. Or even their parents might have gone through a divorce that might stop their kids to get married.

8. Starting a family
Kids are big responsibility. It’s a huge decision as they will have to dedicate their rest of their lives in taking care of them, and they feel, the love between them reduces after kids enter their lives.

9. Religion/family
If it’s love marriage or even arrange marriage (other caste), it’s difficult to get adjusted to their customs or religion. A few men even have problem (difficult to adjust) to stay at their wife’s place.

10. Education
Especially for girls… When their parents ask them to marry and continue their studies later, it might just not be possible for them-either because of family responsibilities or mood diversion. The second reason does apply to men as well.

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